Tatangé is a luxury ready-to-wear brand for women, that creates it's own trends and sets it's own rules.

It is an idea based on individuality, that seeks to compliment and expose a woman’s inner beauty and sexuality.

It is a vision based on the belief that every woman is a piece of art, priceless and unique in every way, a source of adorning inspiration and our collections and dresses are simply the canvas in which we are able to celebrate their beauty.

It’s a hedonist mindset, an idea of femininity, a community of women who know how to enjoy themselves and are excited being the centre of attention wherever they go.

Founded in 2019, the brand has its headquarters in London. The fashion brand was created by the designer out of a love of chic, glamour, glitz and extravagance. Her collections and each dress skillfully combine daring luxury with seductive sensuality and elegance.
Tatangé is a brand that resonates with the modern woman. A woman who enjoys the moment, who does not conform to the norms, a woman that does what she wants, when she wants, a woman that puts herself first and believes that the only exception is perfection, a woman that is ready to embrace her individuality and sexuality, a woman that sets her own boundaries and always gets what she wants.
Tatangé is a reflection of your inner self, your calm and wild. It is a statement that can only be defined by you, a sense of being, a sense of living in the moment, it is angelic and mischievous at the same time.